Rachel Burrow - Administrative Assistant

Rachel Burrow is Hope's Administrative Assistant and is the key person for all points of interest at our church. She is married to Matthew who is a business owner and the Facility Director at Hope. They have 3 beautiful daughters in elementary and middle school. Rachel is a teacher by vocation and very gifted in teaching kids which is why she is also a leader in the Children's Ministry at Hope. She is very gifted in administration and has unlimited energy when it comes to church work and ministry. She loves the Lord and has since she professed faith in Christ as a child. Her parents were Christian School Administrators so she grew up in both the church and the Christian Educational formation. We are so thankful to have her oversee the Administration at Hope and helping Pastor Will in organizing the church. The Lord blessed Hope greatly when He brought Rachel to help dispense and enjoy the grace of God to the lives of others.

Greg Page: Elder Chairman over Administration

Greg Page has known Fonya since elementary school and has been married to her since 1992. They have 3 grown children: James, Russell, and Delaine. They are recent college graduates.

Greg received a BS in Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University and an MBA from Capella University. He has worked as a project manager for most of his vocational career.

How did Greg get to Hope Chapel? In God’s providence Greg attended school where Pastor Will taught him Bible in junior high. Pastor Will and Greg continued their relationship throughout the years. Greg joined with Will in the ministry of Hope Chapel in July before it launched in November 2012.

His spiritual gifts are strong in teaching, Life Group leadership, and administration. He recently returned to the Elder board in May 2019.

Greg excels as a Life Group leader because it is a joy for him to get to know believers in Christ through sharing one another's burdens, lifting one another up in prayer, and being accountable to one another regarding our walk, worship, and work for Christ. It has been a wonderful experience to see lives change through acceptance of Christ and growth through the process of making disciples. If you would like to talk Greg regarding any spiritual or physical need, please contact him at gregpage35@gmail.com or 864-270-7520.

Ian Pruden: Elder over Innovation

Ian Pruden grew up in Greenville on a Christian University campus with his dad and mom serving through teaching and mentoring students for ministry. Soccer was a love for Ian, and he coached at NGU when he finished his undergrad degree in Bible. He married Gretchen and became a youth pastor in WV for a couple of years. He moved to CA to work in business and ministered as an Elder with Francis Chan. By God’s design and will, he and his wife Gretchen have moved back and lived in Greenville since 2010.

They have two beautiful children- Landon and Watson.

Ian presently owns and runs an aviation business, and he loves to fly in his spare time. The Lord is working providentially in his business life with many opportunities coming to him and he plans to glorify God with all of them.

Ian has a passion for God's people and a desire for the church to be all that God created it to be. He serves as a life group leader, and loves watching God lead and direct in the lives of His people.

Mark Nestberg: Elder over Missions

Mark was born and raised here in Greenville in a Christian home. He graduated from college with a BS in Business Administration in May of 1995 and married his wonderful wife Holly in September of 1995. The Lord gave him 3 sons and 1 daughter for which they are so thankful. 

He met Jesus at a young age and since middle school has had a desire to put the Lord first in his life. He met our teaching Pastor Will Lohnes as a teenager where he mentored and shepherded him. He has a particular interest and burden for missions both locally and abroad. This desire began in his soul as a teenager when he went on mission trips to a third world country and to New York City. He never got over the work Christ did in his heart on those trips, and he is so thankful! He desires to see the glory of the Lord extend to all nations for the eternal worship of Jesus.

After attending various churches over the years where he had the privilege of leading in worship (Choir), teaching, and mercy ministry, he reunited with Will at Hope Chapel in 2017. He is thankful to be using his Shepherding gift at Hope and views it as such a joy and privilege to work as a team with the other elders and deacons.

Ron Ellison: Elder on Sabbatical

Ron Ellison grew up in a Christian family in Decatur, AL. Ron received Christ at the age of 7 and continued to seek God in all His ways. Ron desired to be a successful electrical engineer. He pursued a BSEE degree at Auburn University. During his junior year, his sister invited him to join her on a mission trip to Maui with four teenagers. God used this mission trip to get Ron involved in serving with young people and to experience how rewarding it could be to share his faith with children as well as their parents. After graduation he had 2 years of active duty in the US Army with the second year in Vietnam. God used that year to help Ron realize “life is but a vapor” (James 4:14), and he must make the most of each day. He got involved in serving at his local church and this experience convinced him that God was directing him to work full time with young people as well as adults, so that's what he pursued. After he received a degree in Christian Ministries he spent 30 years in Christian Education and Church Ministry.

During his time of pursuing his second degree he met his first wife, Linda, and they married in 1971. God blessed them over the years with three sons, one a Navy pilot and two high school teachers. Linda was diagnosed with cancer in 1997 and passed in 2004. Ron went to California in 2005 to visit his family. Ron met his present wife Kari in a small group Bible study. They were married in May 2009. In 2014 Ron and Kari moved back to South Carolina to his home there. What a blessing it has been for them to have found Hope Chapel and to reunite with Will Lohnes, a friend over 50 years, and to be a part of this ministry. Ron has served 2 years as an Elder at Hope Chapel. Ron and Kari both have the gift of exhortation which involves coming alongside and encouraging others. Hope Chapel has given them many opportunities to use this gift.

Earl McMann: Deacon Chairman over Facility

Earl & Deborah McMann married July 3rd 1998. They are a blended family that has seven children (4 girls, 3 boys) Brandi, Justin, Brianna, Casey, Ryan, Tyler & Hunter. Their children and their families are spread out across the country that includes Michigan, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and South Carolina. Through our older children we have been blessed with 13 grandchildren. God has truly blessed us beyond what they deserve and are humbly grateful for His continued love and provision in their lives. He proudly served my country as an army military policeman both active duty & as a reservist, and is now retired as of May 2010.

The Lord called him to salvation about a year after Debby & Earl were married. The date that his life was forever changed for eternity was Feb 23rd, 1999! His life prior to salvation, his direction, his priorities and fleshly habits toward a self-centered life where really messed up and was greatly affecting his personal relationships, creating a brokenness within himself and for others. God in His perfect timing reached in and grabbed ahold of his heart and consciousness one day that caused him to search after Him. Life after salvation was great the first couple of years then it had many ebb and flows afterward. There were times he didn’t think he could make it as a Christian or even deserve to have a relationship with Christ due to past guilt and shame of his past sin. It kept trying to creep back in all the time, but because of a godly mentor, his wife, and other godly friends they were a help to him see the truth behind Satan’s whispering lies. His salvation has been the single best thing that ever happened in his life; the second was marrying his lovely and beautiful wife Deborah!

He humbly views the serious responsibility as a deacon at Hope Chapel to serve others above himself in a way that will forever touch and change lives, that produces love, hope, and encouragement to in turn serve obediently our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Tim Jacobs: Deacon over Security

Tim Jacobs was born in South Africa. He grew up in a Christian home and was saved as a teenager. His family immigrated to the US in 1979. Tim attended Christians schools and graduated from Hampton Park Christian School in 1986. In 1988, he earned an Associates Degree from Greenville Technical College in Automotive Technology. In 1991 he married, Tammy, and they have four sons (oldest is married and younger three live at home). Together they own and operate two businesses. Greenville Transmission Clinic is the primary business and Tim has been rebuilding transmissions since he was 14 years old and the third generation has now joined into the business to continue on in the industry. Generations Garage is an antique car restoration business that is the fun business he runs primarily with his second oldest son, Jared. 

In 2014, the Lord called them into a ministry that helps people with transportation needs. This 501c3 ministry is called, Blest With Wheels. Growing up in South Africa, his dad supported American missionaries and his heart has always been burdened for helping people in need. 

Being a deacon is another way to serve the Lord through serving his people. It’s a pleasure to be in a church with a group of loving people that truly care about each other and to serve with a group of men that truly care about the well being of the church body. 

Ken Leone: Deacon over Finances

I was born and raised in the small rural town of Kankakee, Illinois.  I moved to South Florida after graduating college with a degree in Computer Management. I lived in FL for 20 years and it was during that time that a good friend of mine shared the Gospel with me and I surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus Christ. My life has never been the same since.

​After getting saved, the Lord provided me with my wonderful wife Karen. In 2018, we will celebrated 22 years of happily being married. We have 4 kids and 4 grand kids, all of whom live in the area.

​Karen and I had both lived in Florida for about 20 years. We had bought land in the Carolinas as an invest with the plans of one day retiring up here. The Lord had other plans and after just a couple years of owning that land, He opened up many doors and moved us from FL to SC in 2006.

After moving to SC, we got plugged into a good Bible teaching church in Greenville and grew spiritually. From there, we helped plant a church in Hendersonville, NC. After that, we landed at Hope Chapel where we knew after our first visit that we had found our new church home.

Ben Forsythe: Deacon over Helps

Ben grew up in Greenville, SC. He and Briana met in middle school at the church they both attended. Both Briana and Ben were raised in homes that strived to honor God. Their friendship grew through the years and they were married in 2001. They both attended BJU. Ben graduated with a degree in Business and Commercial Aviation in 2001 and Briana graduated in 2002. They have 4 children - Isaac, Katelynn, Ian, and Emma.

 Currently Ben works for a local aviation charter company. Briana homeschools the kids and is heavily involved with the co-op as well as the children’s ministry at Hope Chapel.

 The Lord led Ben and Briana to leave the large church they were at through a long series of events, lots of great conversations, and much prayer in late 2015. Their goal was to find a small church that they could serve in alongside others who have a heart to grow in Christ. Hope Chapel has been a blessing to their entire family and they are grateful to be a part of a thriving and real ministry.

 It is their desire that they help Hope Chapel continue be a place that speaks the truth in love and that any person, from any walk of life, can find real people who will love them and point them to Christ.

Larry Lavoie: Deacon over Assimilation

I am originally from Vermont and relocated to the Greenville area in 1989. I have a Roman Catholic background. In 1982 I trusted in Christ when I was 33. At the age of 43, being convinced that the teachings did not agree with the Bible and realizing I could not change it from the inside, I left the RC church. After leaving I became even more convinced that it was the right thing to do.

​I went through an unwanted divorce in 1994 and remarried in 1998. My second wife passed away in 2016. My son Jeremiah lives with me as well as my 9 year old granddaughter. I also care for my 82 year old mother-in-law

​I have been in one start up church and an active member of two other churches in the Greenville area.

​In the spring of 2014, about one year after it started, I visited HOPE. The visit was to be a one time event. I was taken with the teaching and the loving people here. I can see God working and I am excited about what God wants to do with HOPE Chapel. I enjoy serving with men whose primary goal in to glorify God.

Brain Flinte: Deacon over Worship

I was born in Greenville and raised in a Christian home. I became a believer at an early age and attended a Christian school. Unfortunately, though, I fell into the common trap. Christianity became a list of do’s and don’ts, act this way, dress that way, say these things, do those things. It was easy to float along in a Christian culture and never foster a relationship with Him. Thankfully God is faithful and He is patient. Over the years God has shifted my Christianity to joy in loving God, purity to be like Him, and good works because of freedom from the law and sin.

Along the way in my Christian journey, God has blessed me in many ways. My 20’s were filled with a bachelor’s every ambition: traveling the world, snowboarding, bike racing, playing music, hiking, and hanging with great friends. When I turned 30 I married my wonderful wife, Lauren, and we now have two sweet girls. I currently work for a technology company here in town and spend my work days “geeking out on computer stuff.” We have enjoyed being at Hope Chapel and currently serve on the Worship Team.