Hope in Counseling

Hope's Counseling Ministry is a biblically-based in both its format and foundation. We have several counselors who have been trained and certified by National organizations and provide in-depth counseling for those in need. Family Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Individual Counseling, and with several specific issue counseling offered. It is a donation-based in remuneration according to the individual's ability to help fund this ministry. 

Biblical Counseling is Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-empowered, loving and practical application of Biblical truths with the goal of spiritual maturity and fruitfulness. This counseling is based on the inerrancy, authority, and sufficiency of the Word of God. To safeguard against misguided and unbalanced practices of counseling which may mistakenly be labeled "biblical," some standards of practice are necessary to encourage excellence and to provide some measure of trustworthiness for general referral.

Dr. Will Lohnes - ACBC, IABC - Call church office for appointments 864-794-9167;

Mike and Amy Hornek - ACBC - Call church office for appointments 864-794-9167

Lifegroup Ministry

We are a church OF small groups not a church WITH small groups. This coincides with our Walk with Christ. We believe strongly in the commitment to one another as given to us in the Bible. Over 100 times, we are told that we have responsibility to one another in the Scriptures. So those who believe that God desires them to make Hope their home commit to meeting weekly to learn and grow together as a family of God. Each meeting consists of a discussion time over a Bible passage, a topical study, or a prayer time then there is a time for men and women to separate and form an accountability time in our spiritual growth before God. It is confidential, vulnerable, and honest. LifeGroup is the heart of Hope Chapel and over 90% of our people both members and attendees come to these groups. It forms the basis for our life with one another and God. It matters.

Will Lohnes - Elder over LifeGroups

Worship Ministry

A point in our Values at Hope is Vertical. That means we seek to focus on Jesus and not on this world as Paul encouraged in Colossians. So our worship is filled with songs that focus on Jesus. Often worship songs are more focused on our circumstances, feelings, and needs rather than on the Almighty and His glory. Our desire is to make our God the center of our worship and praise so that He is lifted up. Our 2nd Pillar is "Lifting high the Name of Jesus in Worship" and we seek to implement that every Sunday morning and throughout our everyday lives.

Brian Flinte - Deacon over Worship

Men's Ministry

Every Friday morning at 5:30am several men pray together to petition our God for His presence to abound in our church, enjoy salvations of new believers constantly, and the needs of our community. Please contact Pastor Will for information. Also, on the first Saturday of every month, the men get together for a meal and then pray that God will hear our prayers as we seek His face together. Paul, in the Scriptures, calls men of the church to pray and lift up holy hands and we seek to do this in obedience and joy.

 Men's Fall Retreat on September 15-17 at Woodlands Camp in GA. We had a great time of fellowship and learning about our roles as men in our families, jobs, and church.

Women's Ministry

The women of Hope meet once a month on the first Saturday of each month to pray and grow in their love for one another. They have begun to learn about intercessory prayer in a deep way for the glory of God. The women are loving and kind in their pursuit of grace before God and this meeting provides a format and fellowship to accomplish this.

Hope in Missions

Hope Chapel Missions program is designed to carry out the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). With this as our marching orders, Hope Chapel has mission opportunities for our members to get involved in (locally, nationally and abroad) by either giving, going and/or praying for these mission efforts. Every member has the opportunity of doing one, two or all three of these activities to support our missions programs. Hope Chapel missions also has a couple of programs to help our members become better missionaries by giving partial scholarships and/or leadership training. 

Some of our missions ministries provide for physical needs but all our programs have as an ultimate goal to meet Spiritual needs of those we are serving. This focus helps Hope Chapel members develop their personal vertical focus. This will help make Hope Chapel become a more complete vertical church.

Michael Hornek - Elder over Missions

Ground Zero - MIddle School Ministry

Our Ground Zero Middle School Youth Ministry is based on teaching and mentoring the next generation to the claims and cause of Jesus Christ. (Matthew 19:14) The program is on Sunday night for the weekly meeting at 5pm and goes till 7pm with a specific program for Middle School teenagers. There are also events for recreation and fun for the teens that will be planned throughout the year with adult sponsors to oversee and guide each student. Please make contact with Jonathan Poitevint at 757-621-3494 for more information.

Jonathan and Whitney Poitevint - Middle School Leaders

VISION - High School Ministry

Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man (Luke 2:52) Our goal is to be like Jesus Christ so we seek to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially in our Christian life and in so doing glorify God. This means that our great study is Jesus. Who was He? What did He do? How did He live? Why did He come to earth? All of these things matter to us so that we can learn Him and live like Him. Add to all this a great deal of fun and laughter and you have our HS youth group. We meet at 5pm on Sunday nights and at other times so we can live life together and encourage one another to be more like Jesus. If you are interested, please contact

Jonathan and Whitney Poitevint are leaders of the HS ministry

Children's Ministry

In service to our Lord and your child, we desire to minister to the children of Hope Chapel in a Christ centered atmosphere. We are committed to lovingly meet your child’s spiritual needs during his or her stay. We are dedicated to helping your child attain a stronger walk in following Jesus. Through Christ centered worship and Bible study, we want to teach the children the depth of the love the Savior has for them, which we pray will stir a desire in them to love and serve Him more. 

​We have four classes ranging from Nursery to 5th grade with kids grouped at age appropriately levels. All teachers have gone through a background check process and classroom doors have windows on them to allow you to check in at any time.

 The Children’s Ministry classes are staffed by volunteers from the congregation who have a heart to serve as the Lord leads. As these members of the body, volunteer to minister and serve your child, we encourage you to show them your respect and support, as though co-laboring together in training up your child in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 “All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children.” Isaiah 54:13

Please contact Annie Steffensmeier at church office 864-794-9167